This is my portfolio page to demonstrate my latest work. All projects shown here are completed. To see my current projects visit the News or Home pages.

Currently showing work from: 2016/2017

I shot the footage for a short promo video for a new local dance school in 2017.

This is my first "proper" production, a music video for a local singer. This is the first public version.

My first attempt at a short film and many mistakes were made. I learned a lot from this first attempt. It was written, shot, and edited within 3 days.

This is a short, on the fly, promo for the school sports day, to be shown on open days.

I re-edited a longer promo from John Deere down to a short video for their Facebook page. First successful Editing project.

I did not shoot nor produce the full length video. I only re-edited it for its new purpose.