Timothy Stuart Gray

Born 10th of February 1998 in Mannheim, Germany.

Nationality: German/British.

Professional Info


Taken up filming in 2015, with my first own project in the Summer of 2016 and my first client project late 2016/early 2017, Currently working on a shortfilm project collaborating with a group of actors.


This list contains my main, relevant experiences in addition to my film projects.

School Event Technology Group



Founding and lead role in the new school Event Technology Group. Organized a group of 5 students of different ages to setup and run audio, light and visual-effects equipment during school events. Organized for the group to have new equipment and the technical know-how to continue in the coming years.

2-day Film Workshop - Munich

Late 2016


I travelled to Munich and spent two days learning about camera operation and theory with Prof. Mathias Allary from the Film School macromedia. The workshop included camera history, camera 

internals, sensor format, lenses and operation within different situations such as interviews or filming during extreme brightness.

EPICTO GmbH Edingen Neckarhausen

Spring 2015


During a 1-week Internship at an event technology company I accompanied a small film crew on  livestreams and sat in on post-production meetings with clients. Additonaly, I helped in maintenance of equipment (software and hardware), as well as setting up media at client venues.

2-day Film Workshop - Saarbrücken

Spring 2011

I participated in a 2-day Film Workshop organized by Film Production students. We were taught basic usage of a camcorder and standard camera skills. The workshop concluded by interviewing pedestrians on a few select topics and editing the footage into a small clip in the local junior online magazine.


Ellenrieder Gymnasium, Konstanz, Germany

In Spring 2017 I achieved the Abitur 2017 - Allgemeine Hochschulreife - Grade: 2.5

In addition I gained the International Abitur Baden-Württemberg

 VHS (at the Ellenrieder Gymnasium), Konstanz, Germany

In June 2016 I achieved the Cambridge English Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Advanced) - Grade: A (201p)



- Working knowledge of MS Office

- Basic knowledge of MAGIX  Movie Edit Pro

​- Working knowledge of BM Davinci Resolve 

- Working knowledge of Audacity



- English (native-speaker, second language)

- German (native-speaker)

- French (basic)